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Wordless Wednesday – Past My Curfew

Wordless Wednesday – Past My Curfew

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  1. Abby · 2014/03/01 Reply

    Obsessed. I would love to have a pic of my dog looking at me like that! I just melt when I come home or am walking him, and he looks at me with that look…
    Abby recently posted…Daydream of the Week: MacauMy Profile

    • Mike · 2014/03/06 Reply

      Thank you so much, Abby! It breaks my heart when I have to leave him and that gut wrenching sad look on his face. Then that lit up happy as a kid on Christmas morning, tail wagging, the minute I get back and walk in the door. I hope you get that special picture of him you’re wishing for! :)
      Mike recently posted…The Part II Top 10 Steven Spielberg Movies FinaleMy Profile

  2. Cez · 2014/02/19 Reply

    That’s a dog with a clear target on its radar :) Phoenix is such a lovely friend, no wonder Mike takes so many photos of him – this one being a really great one. I want to see more!
    Cez recently posted…First Impression of the PhilippinesMy Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/19 Reply

      Cez, That dog has it made… who wouldn’t want to be Mike’s friend :-)

  3. Mary @ Green Global Travel · 2014/02/18 Reply

    What an adorable dog! The picture is very beautiful and creative. Thanks for sharing.
    Mary @ Green Global Travel recently posted…INTERVIEW: Jimmy Nelson Photographs Vanishing Tribes in Before They Pass AwayMy Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/18 Reply

      Phoenix steals the show Mary but especially during Valentine’s – humans bond well with dogs (and cats) and the love they share should be celebrated. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Jonny Blair · 2014/02/17 Reply

    Great photo though Im not a big fan of dogs! I also cant believe how long it is since I commented on one of your wordless Wednesdays!! Must be almost a year of these now? Safe travels. Jonny
    Jonny Blair recently posted…Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Ask the Locals What Price Things AreMy Profile

  5. Chad · 2014/02/14 Reply

    What a perfect way to tell a story with no words. Phoenix is ready to be there for play and friendship. Its nearly impossible to find humans that loyal. Support your local shelters and find a friend soon.

  6. Jess @UsedYorkCity · 2014/02/14 Reply

    Ahh, I love Mike and Phoenix! What a treat to see him here today:-) I think Valentine’s week is the perfect time to celebrate the love between two BFF’s!
    Jess @UsedYorkCity recently posted…New Yorker Moments: So You Wanna Wear Your Wedding Dress Twice…My Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/14 Reply

      Jess, Yes, you definitely understand that special bond with an animal and their attachment to certain toys. Hope your little dog is happy and well and snuggling in a warm sweater.

  7. Frank · 2014/02/13 Reply

    awww…now that’s True Love!
    Frank (bbqboy)

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/14 Reply

      Frank, you said it! I’ll bet that ball is never far from Phoenix’s thoughts. *laugh*

  8. Cathy Sweeney · 2014/02/13 Reply

    Heart-warming and so appropriate for Valentine’s Day — a person’s best friend.
    Cathy Sweeney recently posted…Second Date on the Napa Valley Wine TrainMy Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/14 Reply

      Cathy, special bonds with our pets should be celebrated as should their love for games with tennis balls. ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Hilary · 2014/02/13 Reply

    What a great shot of Phoenix! He looks so happy!!! What a great man he is!

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/13 Reply

      Hilary, isn’t great how little it takes to make Phoenix’s day.

  10. Lauren Meshkin @BonVoyageLauren · 2014/02/13 Reply

    Aw, gorgeous dog! Thanks for sharing.
    Lauren Meshkin @BonVoyageLauren recently posted…Finding Danish Comfort & Style at The Hamlet InnMy Profile

  11. Adrian · 2014/02/13 Reply

    This picture absolutely magnifies the wonderfulness of Phoenix. What a great picture.

  12. Mike · 2014/02/13 Reply

    Maria, this was such a huge honor and privilege for us and thank you! Also, a huge thanks and appreciation to everyone who has stopped by. Wow! He is most definitely the light of my life…and that tennis ball (and my ball cap that he steals) is his ha, ha! Now, I have to go deal with the paparazzi wanting to speak to Phoenix :)
    Mike recently posted…My First Time Chicken StrippingMy Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/13 Reply

      Mike, you’re very welcome – throw that a ball a couple of extra times for me.

  13. Rita @ The Crafty Expat · 2014/02/13 Reply

    Wow! Seriously what an amazing photo is this! Phoenix must be the cutest and loveliest dog ever! I love his expression on the photo. This is a really nice picture!
    Rita @ The Crafty Expat recently posted…Wordless Wednesday – Australian citizenship examMy Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/13 Reply

      Thanks Rita – if you don’t know Mike and Phoenix yet, click on Past My Curfew (below the photo) and check them out.

  14. Jeff · 2014/02/13 Reply

    He is really focused on his prize.
    Jeff recently posted…Things to Know About International Travel, Passports, and CustomsMy Profile

  15. Diane M. · 2014/02/12 Reply

    Mike and Phoenix do have a large fan club because they are such great friends to so many people. I too love the effect that Maria added.

  16. Dana Carmel @ Time Travel Plans · 2014/02/12 Reply

    Awww…my buddy, Phoenix! Love him. I love Golden Retrievers – they are the kindest dogs ever.
    Dana Carmel @ Time Travel Plans recently posted…Rio’s FavelasMy Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/12 Reply

      Dana, GR…they are Great – then again most dogs are, it’s their owners I sometimes question. :-)

  17. Lisa Wood · 2014/02/12 Reply

    You can see what he is thinking!! “That ball is so mine” – Love you Phoenix xxx

  18. Colleen Brynn · 2014/02/12 Reply

    Eye on the prize!
    Colleen Brynn recently posted…Thatโ€™s So RussiaMy Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/12 Reply

      You know it Colleen! I used to have an Australian Shepherd and we’d play Frisbee for an hour then go for a couple rounds of agility, add in a run and that dog would STILL bring me her ball when we got home. *laugh*

  19. Tony · 2014/02/12 Reply

    Great pic of Phoenix! And it does look like he’s smiling. Mike and Phoenix are the best!

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/12 Reply

      Tony, I love the intensity of Phoenix’s stare… like he can will the ball to launch itself.

  20. Hugh · 2014/02/12 Reply

    Nice effects on the photo!

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/12 Reply

      Thanks Hugh, I had fun doing it and Mike was pleased with the results.

  21. My Inner Chick · 2014/02/12 Reply

    I so much adore this photo of sweet Phoenix.
    It looks like he is Smiling :) Xxx
    My Inner Chick recently posted…Meeting My Favorite Author Thru BloggingMy Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/12 Reply

      Thanks for stopping by – Phoenix sure has a large fan club. ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. Sharon · 2014/02/12 Reply

    What’s in front of the lens in order to achieve this awesome effect? Looooove this shot so much!!!
    Sharon recently posted…Healthy Vegetable SlawMy Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/12 Reply

      Sharon, I applied a focal point filter post capture via Pilxr (with Mike’s approval, of course)

  23. Considerer · 2014/02/12 Reply

    How did you get this effect?
    Considerer recently posted…Is this reprieve? Or torture? Send in the Lifeboats!My Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/12 Reply

      The effect is achieved post capture focal point filter applied via software from Pixlr.

  24. Jackie Smith · 2014/02/12 Reply

    A dog and his ball, no greater love. Beautiful photo – it captures the essence of joy.
    Jackie Smith recently posted…Hawaii: SPAM and Other โ€˜Ono Grindzโ€™My Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/12 Reply

      Jackie, we can all learn a lesson about happiness… and patience from Phoenix. :-)

  25. Beth teliho · 2014/02/12 Reply

    LOVE that photo! The perspective is gorgeous with the ball in the foreground. And of course, Phoenix looks as charming and dapper as ever. ๐Ÿ˜‰ well done, Mike!
    Beth teliho recently posted…That Time A Comedian Stripped For Me. Sort of.My Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/12 Reply

      Beth – I think Phoenix steals the show wherever he goes. ๐Ÿ˜€

  26. Suzanne Fluhr · 2014/02/12 Reply

    Great use of perspective to tell a story.
    Suzanne Fluhr recently posted…Say What??? Southeast Asia SignsMy Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/12 Reply

      Suzanne, Yes, sometimes the quotidian just needs a tweak to reveal it’s singularity.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  27. Mandi · 2014/02/12 Reply

    Awww, Phoenix, I love him more and more every time I see him. Sweet sweet boy. Look at that facial expression!!!
    Mandi recently posted…Lovepocalypse Take 2My Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/12 Reply

      Hi Mandi – Yeah, Phoenix is a heart-breaker. I love the expression, the intensity with the ball. Dogs are great!

  28. Chareese · 2014/02/12 Reply

    The love Mike and Phoenix have, truly warms my heart! โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

  29. Kristi Campbell · 2014/02/12 Reply

    What an amazingly gorgeous photo of Phoenix and his ball! I love the perspective of it and think he can be summed up with one word: Handsome!

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/12 Reply

      Kristi – yes, you got to love a dog’s intensity with a tennis ball.

  30. Freya · 2014/02/12 Reply

    I love this photo, such a beautiful one from Phoenix and his favorite ball ! Phoenix must be the most adorable golden retriever in the world.
    Freya recently posted…Letters to Juliet on Valentine’s DayMy Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/12 Reply

      Freya, this being the week of Valentine’s day I thought, why not feature unconditional love. Owner/pet animal/toy. Comes in all types, yes? I just wish Phoenix would actually retrieve some gold :-/

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