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Wordless Wednesday – Chasing the Donkey

Wordless Wednesday – Chasing the Donkey

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  1. memographer · 2014/02/19 Reply

    It’s a very cute chapel.
    memographer recently posted…The Gothic Gargoyles of Notre Dame de ParisMy Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/19 Reply

      Memo, this one makes me want to spend the afternoon just checkin’ it out and spending time in the sun.

  2. Mary @ Green Global Travel · 2014/02/09 Reply

    What a beautiful picture. It really is just stunning. Thank you for sharing.
    Mary @ Green Global Travel recently posted…An Elegy For A FriendMy Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/09 Reply

      Thanks Mary – Sarah-Jane has so many wonderful pics of Croatia, she has me itching to go.

  3. Bob R · 2014/02/09 Reply

    This is a very cool and interesting little church. Notice the lack of windows.
    Bob R recently posted…6:30 a.m. Sword Dance, Hanoi (Pic du Jour)My Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/09 Reply

      Bob, This little chapel is in Croatia but I’ve noticed the same architectural style in the US, especially in older prairie towns.
      I was told they did that simply out of frugality. There may be a window on the side or other end but typically not many.
      the lack of them does intrigue me too.

  4. Sherry · 2014/02/07 Reply

    I’d love to be there, for sure.

  5. Jeff · 2014/02/07 Reply

    A lonely church. No people not even buildings around its environs.
    Jeff recently posted…5 Travel Tips that will Keep You and Your Family Safe on VacationMy Profile

  6. Sharon · 2014/02/05 Reply

    This is such an unconventional shot. Looking at it and turning my head to look at it makes me wonder what it looks like inside the church. Great photo!
    Sharon recently posted…Easy Tacos RecipeMy Profile

  7. Jess @UsedYorkCity · 2014/02/05 Reply

    I hope the photographer turned this into a postcard, STUNNING! I’d like to get lost in that field for a few hours:-)
    Jess @UsedYorkCity recently posted…Stay Toasty At These 5 NYC Fireplace BarsMy Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/05 Reply

      I want to take a picnic there and just “be” there all day! I love this shot, it’s fun and shows a bit of Croatia I’ve not seen before. Jess, if you like this, check out Chasing the Donkey as Sarah-Jane has great work there.

  8. Samuel Jeffery · 2014/02/05 Reply

    I love this shot! Not a single person in view :)
    Samuel Jeffery recently posted…VIDEO: Pai, ThailandMy Profile

  9. Marysia @ My Travel Affairs · 2014/02/05 Reply

    Great picture, really really like it! The lines and the colours, even textures come perfectly together, and the little chapel is so cute, reminds me greek countryside!
    Marysia @ My Travel Affairs recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #55My Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/05 Reply

      Marysia, I agree that chapel is quaint and all that surrounds it… makes me think it’s the perfect picnic spot.

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/05 Reply

      Thanks Penny – if you haven’t Chased the Donkey yet, click over to Sarah-Jane’s site for all kinds of Croatian tales and goodies.
      It’s a fun and interesting site.

  10. Natalie · 2014/02/05 Reply

    The angle of the photo is interesting – normally would not do that but going to give it a try
    Natalie recently posted…The Ancient Ruins of OlympusMy Profile

  11. Milene · 2014/02/05 Reply

    Yep, I would definitely chase the donkey up here… After chasing it I would probably see the church the same angle as the picture is taken 😉 (not really fit to chase a donkey 😛 )
    Milene recently posted…Getting connected in ArgentinaMy Profile

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