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Haiku – Almost Daylight

Haiku – Almost Daylight

Refusing to dress

Waiting for ‘almost’ daylight

Darkness holds me close

Sunless Day in Barrow Alaska, by Dan Wall of northierthanthou

Photo by Noorthierthanthou

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  1. Frank · 2014/02/15 Reply

    Desolate! Looks like Northern Canada.
    Frank (bbqboy)

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/15 Reply

      Frank – you’re so close, very warm if we were playing hot, hot, cold.
      It’s Northern Alaska – as in Arctic frontier – the most northern point in the US

  2. Dana Carmel @ Time Travel Plans · 2014/02/06 Reply

    I feel like this almost every morning when I feel reluctant to go to work. I love those almost daylight hours.
    Dana Carmel @ Time Travel Plans recently posted…L.A.: Celebrating Black History at the Pan African Film FestivalMy Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/06 Reply

      Hey Dana! I cherish the pre-working hours are definitely delicious.
      Thanks for stopping by. :-D

  3. Lunaguava · 2014/02/04 Reply

    Lovely haiku and photo. I find that landscape strangely alluring though – even after experiencing 9 years of looooong winters in Northern Europe. Good luck!
    Lunaguava recently posted…On BuoyancyMy Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/05 Reply

      It’s not my landscape Lunaguava but I do love snow and snow related activities.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Jess @UsedYorkCity · 2014/02/03 Reply

    I met someone the other day who suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD?!)…I think this would be particularly rough for her;-)
    Jess @UsedYorkCity recently posted…Your NYC FebruaryMy Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/03 Reply

      Jess, Yes, I can definitely see that. You know SAD isn’t just a winter disorder – one can suffer in the summer as well if in extreme temps that the person indoors and out of sunlight. You do not want to meet me during high summer in Texas – Oooftah!

  5. Natalie · 2014/02/03 Reply

    I definitely would not like this place – need my daylight hours as much as possible!
    Natalie recently posted…The Ancient Ruins of OlympusMy Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/03 Reply

      Natalie, yes, I imagine life on the frontier offers a plethora of challenges I haven’t fathomed but I *think* I could get through 60 days without much sunlight. On the flip side, you might enjoy an Arctic summer… 90+ days of only daylight. *smile*

  6. Mike | Earthdrifter · 2014/02/03 Reply

    I don’t mind darkness as long as I’m not at the bottom of a canyon. Then I get claustrophobic.

    I feel that the human design or blueprint is made to get up at around the crack of dawn, not in Scandinavia in the summer though. :-)
    Mike | Earthdrifter recently posted…The Visual Paradise of ValparaisoMy Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/03 Reply

      Oh Mike, I don’t think I’d enjoy the bottom of a canyon in darkness… maybe one night would be interesting. *laugh*
      Your comment makes me think of spelunking which can get VERY dark – I’m guessing it’s not quite that dark all day during the 60 or so of Arctic darkness. Guess I’ll just have to go, check it out and update you later. *grin*

  7. Freya · 2014/02/03 Reply

    Ooh that would not be a good place to live for me cause I just cannot get out of bed and dressed when it’s still dark. Love this Haiku and photo.
    Freya recently posted…10 most Beautiful Fountains in RomeMy Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/03 Reply

      Freya, I guess the first 30 days would be a bit disorienting but the glass is half-full and they say, 30 days to make or break a habit) so by the time one might form the habit of moving through mostly dark days it’s over. There’s your positive spin for the day. :-D

  8. Jeff · 2014/02/03 Reply

    love your photo. I live in a place where 12hrs daylight and 12hrs darkness 365 days. So, i don’t think i can tolerate 16-18hrs of darkness.
    Jeff recently posted…5 Travel Tips that will Keep You and Your Family Safe on VacationMy Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/03 Reply

      Jeff, When I was in Cambodia I experienced the even split you mention.
      I think the 60 darkness isn’t completely black and I *think* I could do that, especially knowing it’s temporary.
      I imagine the first full-on sunrise in Jan/Feb in the Arctic spurs a celebration though and everyone can eat cake! *grin*

  9. Cathy Sweeney · 2014/02/02 Reply

    Love this. I have lived right inside that haiku. And the pic is perfect.
    Cathy Sweeney recently posted…Best of Budapest: Spa in the CityMy Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/02 Reply

      Thanks Cathy – I think those who live in the Arctic are built of some pretty tough stuff; a challenge most of us can’t even fathom.

  10. Mette · 2014/02/02 Reply

    Lovely imagery, but I wish the darkness would let go. I’m not made for living under electric lights for 16-18 hours a day.
    Mette recently posted…Two sides of Castrovillari in CalabriaMy Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/02 Reply

      Good news Mette, it’s only dark in that part of the Arctic for about 60 days, and I’m told that summer offers 90 days of 24 hour light. Maybe you can check it out this summer and tell me if that’s true. :-D

  11. Jess · 2014/02/02 Reply

    I love the combo of the picture and poem!
    Jess recently posted…Wafels & Dinges, NYCMy Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/02 Reply

      Jess, thanks – glad to read you’re enjoying the haiku posts. The photo comes from Dan Wall of Barrow, Alaska check out his site at northierthanthou

  12. Mrs. Chasing the Donkey · 2014/02/02 Reply

    Thanks for #SundayTraveler this week again!!
    Mrs. Chasing the Donkey recently posted…Things to do in ZadarMy Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/02 Reply

      Sarah-Jane, Love the #SundayTraveler and I get to find new posts/sites each week. Yay!

  13. Emma · 2014/02/02 Reply

    Love the photo and the words that ring so true! We lived in Scandinavia for a while, and all of the above reminded me of that! :)

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/02 Reply

      Emma, oooh Scandinavia must have been beautiful… good food too, I’ll bet.

  14. Colleen Brynn · 2014/02/02 Reply

    I can totally relate to that photo… looks like most towns in Canada in the winter, especially up north. Just looking at it transports me. I can literally hear the snow crunching under my feet and the silence of the snow, insulating the air around me.
    Colleen Brynn recently posted…The Ripple Effect (conclusion)My Profile

  15. A Southern Gypsy · 2014/02/01 Reply

    This is me everrrrrryday in the winter! I hate getting up when it’s so cold. Lovely picture :)
    A Southern Gypsy recently posted…Prepping for Long Term Travel: Month FiveMy Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/01 Reply

      Southern Gypsy, I have to say, every day of the year is better with a little lie-in and slow start *grin*

  16. Mary @ Green Global Travel · 2014/02/01 Reply

    This photo is breathtaking. I love the snow! Thank you for sharing!

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/01 Reply

      Hiya Mary – I am a huge fan of snow so all that white on a dark winter in Alaska… I just couldn’t resist borrowing the image from Dan. Check out his site at northierthanthou for more fun from AZ to AK and some points between.

  17. Mike · 2014/02/01 Reply

    Awesome photo, Dan! And Maria, your words captured the essence perfectly for a brutal winter morning and wanting to just stay put :)
    Mike recently posted…Phoenix’s Trip To The Dog Groomer, A FlashbackMy Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/01 Reply

      Thanks for the compliment Mike – Dan is up in Barrow and as I understand it, that part of Alaska gets about 60 days of darkness… yup, Mike you read that correctly, days of darkness. Just proves sometimes the light needs to come from within oneself. :-D

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/01 Reply

      Lauren, it is a beautiful shot. An atmosphere filled with quiet the quiet drama of nature.

  18. northierthanthou · 2014/02/01 Reply

    Hi Maria!
    northierthanthou recently posted…Out of Boredom Comes Brilliance!My Profile

    • Maria Falvey · 2014/02/01 Reply

      Hey there Dan, Thanks again for loaning this photo – I love the atmosphere captured here.
      A photo that says so much, silently.

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