Catch and Release

Sometimes you have let it go, sometimes.  Thunk-thunk, thunk-thunk, thunk-thunk.  23 minutes passed.  I rested my head against the bedroom wall but all I heard was the ceiling fan on the other side wobbling at half rotation.  I reapeted the mantra, let it go, just let – it – gooo but there it was again.  Thunk-thunk, thunk-thunk, thunk-thunk,   (insert mantra) sequence repeated, and again, ad nauseam.

I had to see what was going on.  I headed downstairs muttering to myself about “these damn kids” and without putting an ear against the door to the apartment below I heard, Thunk-thunk.  I’d found the source.  I knocked, it stopped but no one came to the door.

I repeated the mantra out loud, paused and walked to the opposite side of the building, stood in the parking lot (hands on hips) and surveyed the windows before me.  Over the balcony rail, through the slider-door, I spied… my neighbor, pitching a yellow tennis ball with a lazy overhand.

The ball hit midway up the wall, traveled to the floor and back to him.  Thunk-thunk, thunk-thunk.

Haven’t we all played this solo game of catch and release?  Generally fueled by boredom or stress and while it may entertain for 15 minutes at a stretch, it doesn’t usually do more than annoy mother.

Back around to the front door, (having tossed that stupid mantra aside) knocked again, loudly.  This time the door opened and before my neighbor could utter a word, I grabbed the ball from his hand and blurted…

“How many times has your mother told you; no playing ball in the house!?!”



    • 2013/08/21

      Thanks Penny! Drove me nuts and I think that poor kid will always remember “his” crazy neighbor. *laugh*

    • 2013/03/29

      Oh so you used to play ball in the house?
      I think I’m gonna start yelling at passersby to get off the grass 😀

  1. 2013/03/14

    Haha, that’s pretty funny – though I’m sure it didn’t seem that way at the time… 😉 I’m currently staying in a hostel where the room next door decided they would start playing guitar at 7 in the morning; scratch that, learn how to play guitar at 7 in the morning. Their strumming was as annoying as that tennis ball. 😉

    • 2013/03/14

      Hiya Audrey thanks for Stopping!
      So glad you empathize. There’s just something deeply annoying about repetitive noise
      *clenches fist* *exaggerated snarl* *laugh*
      Btw… Love your recent post – I’d step up to be your first customer should you make post cards.
      *nudge* *shrug*

  2. Yes, yes, yes! Noise that may be charming at 11AM is nothing but annoying at 11PM. Glad to know I am not the only one that has almost lost it.

    • 2013/03/09

      Jonathan, You have more patience than me.
      It was daylight but it had been going on for a ‘while’ over multiple days.
      Funny how ‘parental’ I’m becoming as I age.
      Last week, I caught myself exclaiming I just don’t get what these kids call music. *laugh*

  3. 2013/03/06

    Hilarious. These types of things drive me absolutely insane!!

    • 2013/03/07

      Abby, I’m still not sure which of us was more stunned by my outburst. *laugh*
      So glad you stopped to read (and comment) – btw, thoroughly enjoyed your recent post, “How to take the perfect picture”
      So many angles I’d never considered before.

  4. 2013/03/05

    Too funny- I lived near campus for many years- ohhhh the times that something like this happened, too numerous to count. I miss the chaos (sometimes) :-)

    • 2013/03/05

      Erik, this is the third city where I lived w/in 1/8 mile of campus and it’s always the same…
      Most days/nights there’s little to write home about, no chaos.
      But about once per month one of the kids provides a fantastic “Head Tilt” moment.
      Glad you enjoyed it and hope to see you here again. :-)

  5. 2013/03/03

    Haha, I bet he was surprised! In terms of things to blurt, though, it could have been worse…at least it didn’t include the phrase “young whippersnapper!”

    • 2013/03/04

      Callie – I plan to start yelling, “Get off my lawn” at passersby –
      despite that I live in an apt bldg surrounded by a sea of asphalt.
      Kids these days! *scowl*

  6. 2013/03/01

    All this is strange and funny but you can not fight with kids. But I must say one thing that Thunk-thunk, thunk-thunk, thunk-thunk makes me laugh.

    • 2013/03/01

      Peter, you’re very wise, arguing with kids will get you… nowhere. :-)
      Very glad to hear it made you laugh.

    • 2013/02/27

      DJ, Cheap rent near campus – guess I’m getting what I pay for. :-/
      On the UP side, there’s a LIVE Reality show weekly *laugh*

  7. 2013/02/27

    Continued chuckles. Perfect narrative on familiar occurrence. We’ve all been there. Really pulled me in to see what happened. Thanks for the laugh.

    • 2013/02/27

      Thanks Randy – heartwarming to know I gave you a laugh today.
      I’d planned a more controlled and courteous speech, but the words sprang forth.
      Ugh! *laugh*

  8. 2013/02/25

    Oh, my! You kept me intrigued all way down, and what a release! Smiling right now :)
    and waiting for a new story titled Payback that starts with “thunk-thunk” coming from your apartment 😉

    • 2013/02/25

      Hey Memo – just show up with that Polaroid and we’ll get ’em!
      I swear, days go by and nothing happens then suddenly it’s like living within a reality TV show.

  9. 2013/02/25

    haha hilarious. He must have been really stunned.
    I agree the sound of that is really annoying,
    definitely would prefer the singing then :-)

    • 2013/02/25

      Freya, I’ll tell you, Some days my ‘hood is similar to being ON a reality TV show.

      Btw… He’s the “songbird’s” roommate. *raises brow* :-/

  10. 2013/02/25

    Haha! I like the title, sort of a double entendre for your story…

    • 2013/02/25

      Thanks Colleen – most of my titles have a twist based on something in the story or are part of sentence/descriptor from within – helps me later on when trying to recall just what I have written. *laugh*
      Appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to comment – it means a lot! *grin*

    • 2013/02/25

      David Yeah, he looked pretty freaked out and I was feeling really self-conscious after that.

        • 2013/02/27

          Sam, you know kids these days often cruise with mouth open and sport a stunned look naturally but his jaw did hit the floor.
          And I wonder why none of the kids in the building will stop for a chat when they see me. Ha!

  11. 2013/02/25

    Funny stuff! He must have been like, in shock mode, like, WTF, OMFG, wholy sh*t… I wonder how he reacted, or if the story was fiction. In the summer with the windows open I used to have to listen to the lady of the second floor next door yelling and screaming in swears at her loved ones on a regular basis, was kinda tough, ah the potential of the human existence…

    • 2013/02/25

      E.D. – all true stories here. I think there was a definite air of “WTF!?” and perhaps a pinch of “crazy b…!” and I wonder why so few of the kids chat with me on the steps or in the laundry. *laugh*

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