Love the Wrong Way

In Observance of Valentine’s Day I offer the following:


Your voice, masculine and sensual

I lie with your breath at my ear

Telling me of the future, my newly discovered frontier

I want to drift into sleep listening to you speak

Holding me close without being near

Reassuring I have nothing to fear

Slowly, you offer but only a taste

Calling my name from a faraway place

I want to wake with your breath at my ear



  1. 2013/02/26

    Dang! I’m late again. I wish I had something like this on V-Day. Too bad my heart is still broken. It’s great to wish, easy to imagine, but hard to keep. There’s always next year, right?

    • 2013/02/26

      Sherry, I’m so glad to read a note from you. Makes my day!
      Better late than never *hug*

      Check out the latest at “Catch and Release” – it’ll make you laugh.

  2. 2013/02/21

    I didn’t know you wrote poetry! Damn girl, you do it all… This was beautiful. Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day!

    • 2013/02/21

      Poetry? Me? Shhhh… don’t tell everyone… might damage my reputation. *laugh*
      Btw, really enjoyed your last post “24 Hrs in NYC”

  3. 2013/02/18

    Very lovely and sensual poem. I will explore more of your work in the days to come. I am a digital artist. Stop by when you have a moment

    • 2013/02/18

      Thank you very much Walter
      Looking forward to seeing your work soon.

  4. 2013/02/16

    Beautiful “hot” poem and photo Maria. Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day.

    • 2013/02/16

      Thanks Freya, Happy to read you enjoyed the poem – love it when you stop by – I’m a sucker for compliments *grin*

  5. 2013/02/14

    Hot damn lady. LOVE THIS.

  6. 2013/02/13

    Oh, I like! Well done & the pic is very cool, too. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • 2013/02/13

      Thanks Cathy, Quite a compliment there.
      I saw that pic and had to have it – perfect visual for my poem.
      Marilyn always looked so beautiful, didn’t she?

  7. Thomas

    Du har fortsatt det, min kjære. 😉

    • 2013/02/13

      Takk! Jeg glemmer aldri sulten tiger. fange opp snart? xo

    • 2013/02/11

      Thanks for stopping by Sam, know you’re swamped! –
      Hope you and Audrey get downtime together Thursday to do something frivolous

    • 2013/02/11

      Thanks Gerard! Honored you stopped by. Hope all’s well at Bella Vista *hug*

    • 2013/02/11

      Colleen, yes, it is my creation.
      Written several years back for a friend.
      He used to call late at night and talk w/me till I fell asleep.
      Can’t tell you how many times I woke up with the phone stuck to my cheek. *laugh*

  8. 2013/02/11

    How sensuous. Very romantic for V day.


    Apropos voices, how about high pitched and squeaky? Any good?


    • 2013/02/11

      My dog LOVES high and squeaky but then there’s the risk of having the stuffing ripped out. :-/ *laugh*

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