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It was no surprise that someone would be expected to feed the office fish over the Xmas holiday.  It was also no surprise that as the last one hired, still under probation, and the only one residing in the neighborhood – I’d be the ‘logical’ choice for this task.

It’s an ugly, boring and unsociable fish – 8 months since our introduction and I’ve yet to see it swim across the tank.  It merely treads water at the back, behind the fake coral.  We’ve stopped throwing in non-volunteer martyrs since our office ‘pet’ has eaten every BFF we’ve sacrificed.  Turn out the lights, set the alarm and lock the door on Friday only to return Monday to the same miscreant fish treading water behind the faux coral while his pal’s skeleton floats past.  Creepy.


So I bundled up and walked the half mile to feed the reprobate.  Two feet inside the main gate and I came to a complete halt.  “Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!”  A deeply masculine, angry, tormented sound bellowed across the lot.  There had been rumors of impending layoffs – was this a disgruntled employee releasing 20 years of pent-up angst?  No, couldn’t be.

The cerulean blue tarp caught my eye, redirecting my attention to a large wire crate resting on a flatbed trailer.  The primal scream rang out again but was cut short as I approached.   It’s a dog!  Obviously someone on-call had brought the poor thing with them and now it was lonesome.

I cooed and it relaxed a bit; danger seemed out-of-place – unlike the fish I had come for there was no fear of being bitten, or eaten, for either of us.  But what sort of dog makes such a sound?  The closer I got it to it, the less sure I was of breed identification.

Ears: Large, drooping, brown, like a blood hound.

Snout: Sloped, like an exaggerated bull terrier

Body: Solid, very similar to a Labrador.

Coat: White like a Maltese but coarse like some Terriers.

What a unique mix… until it tipped its head and I realized I was standing in the middle of the complex, completely alone, in broad daylight, talking to a GOAT with separation anxiety.




    • 2013/03/01

      Alli, definitely unusual.
      My best guess, the owner was on-call and had just picked up the goat
      Decided to just bring him along. Why else would you drive around with a goat?
      :-/ *laugh*

  1. 2013/02/04

    haha that’s hilarious, what a strange place where you work. I hope they found the owner in the meantime

    • 2013/02/04

      Freya, One of those days where you head off (begrudgingly, I admit) on one errand and end up with an unexpected experience.
      I guess goats are capable of loneliness too. :-/
      Still don’t know which employee owns the goat.
      Maybe that’s suppose to remain a mystery?

    • 2013/02/02

      Callie, you are so right! Wacky – I’m just so glad it wasn’t a human making that sound as I first feared.
      And what about that fish skeleton? Just a crazy bunch of animals all around, huh?

    • 2013/02/01

      Ha! Ali, you said it – nuts!
      I’m in higher education but this is TX – having said that, I’m surprised it was in a crate
      and not just tied to a fence post. *laugh*

  2. 2013/01/31

    The question is… who owned the goat?! Who takes a goat to work?

    • 2013/01/31

      Haven’t yet discovered it’s “daddy”
      We’re closed btwn xmas and ny-day so it was someone on-call
      that fact should reduce the list of potential “parentage” but… :-/ No one is owning up to it.

  3. Hilarious…before I got to the end and saw the picture I thought “Wow, that’s a weird looking dog.”

    • 2013/01/31

      Me too! *laugh* it was an odd encounter.
      Still haven’t figured out who the “daddy” is. :-/

    • 2013/01/29

      It really was a sweet creature that was unhappy on its own.
      I’ve shown his photos to coworkers – no ID as yet. Goat-doe for now. :-/

      • 2013/01/28

        I have not seen Night on Earth – but on your recommendation I shall hunt it out.


    • 2013/01/28

      You know David, it was so docile while I was visiting with it – I truly think it just didn’t want to be alone.

    • 2013/01/28

      Mmmmwwwwaaahhh! If it moves, kill it, cook it, serve it! Jeff, am I close? *laugh*

      • Are you close? Let’s just say “you are on fire” . You know what they say, we will eat anything on fours except the table…

    • 2013/01/28

      Doesn’t he? I did consider liberating it, but the what would I do back at the apartment? *Laugh*

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