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Dinner with Bill

Dinner with Bill

It was early but at that time of year the sun was already setting, the air crisp and chilly, and the wind had picked up.  Famished and not relishing eating solo at home, I headed a few blocks south and took myself to dinner!

dahlia lounge bar

Could I afford it?  Hey, once in a while you have to treat yourself.  I chose a ‘dinner house’ – the type of place with a celebrity chef, no entrée under $20 and you could swear the wait staff has called the bank to ensure your card will clear before your ass can create an indentation on the seat cushion.

I slipped through the entrance and headed for a cocktail at the bar, first guest there; not good for people-watching or eavesdropping but it did afford optimal seat selection. I decided on the tall cushy bar stool in the center.

Suddenly, he was there, right in front of me, introduced himself as Bill.  We made small talk about the weather.  I quickly lost track of the conversation, commanded myself to focus on what was being said but it all washed around me like traffic sounds at a busy intersection.  All I knew then, and can recall now, boils down to being completely smitten with this stranger.  Bill.  Originally-from-Montana-Bill, smart and witty, amazing eyes, great jaw, and a richly masculine laugh in response to my jokes and quips; Bill was beautiful.

Bill flashed a charmingly contagious smile, handed me a Vodka Gimlet and inquired if I’d like to cash-out or stay for dinner.


I watch the last slivers of daylight dance off the liquor bottles arranged behind the bar.  In the changing light the room became a cocoon of deep saffron and I remained there, perched on the center bar stool, in front of Bill, for dinner.


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  1. freshnewblog · 2013/03/10 Reply

    Saffron is really different, huh?

  2. Angela · 2013/02/14 Reply

    Oops.. When I saw the title I thought more of a dinner with a huge bill, rather than Bill 😛 Good on you, looking forward to the rest of the story 😉

    • Maria · 2013/02/14 Reply

      Angela, as you know from your site (Chasing the Unexpected) – the unexpected is what usually occurs. *grin*
      The story with Bill is most likely at a close, a short story indeed, but there are so many more out there to create, right? *laugh*
      Thanks for stopping by and happy to hear you enjoyed Dinner with Bill

  3. Caanan @ No Vacation Required · 2013/01/27 Reply

    I am all for intrigue, but I think a part two is in short order.

    • Maria · 2013/01/27 Reply

      NVR, Thanks for stopping by.
      No telling what 2013 will bring –
      I’ll definitely leave space in the margins. :-)

  4. tashastraveltroves · 2013/01/26 Reply

    ah the delights of dining alone, never a dull moment, never a moment of no eyes on you 😉

  5. Colleen Brynn · 2013/01/26 Reply

    Yes, I am definitely one for the imagination too. It’s definitely necessary to have a handful of encounters that weren’t pursued. Much more romantic!

    • Maria · 2013/01/26 Reply

      Colleen you’re so wise. As it is, we can all remain in a state of blissful infatuation.
      Some things in life are perfect as notes in the margins.
      Here’s to finding space in those margins – throughout 2013.
      *raises glass* *grin*

  6. Freya · 2013/01/26 Reply

    I’m glad that you enjoyed your dinner and the company, a shame there will not be a part 2.

    • Maria · 2013/01/26 Reply

      Sequels often foster disenchantment but they can also introduce more interesting characters or a better cast list.
      We’ll have to wait and see. 😉

  7. Abby · 2013/01/25 Reply

    I love those moments while traveling! Almost better when they end like that, so you can let your imagination go…

    • Maria · 2013/01/25 Reply

      Abby you hit the nail on the head – far better to let the intrigue roll. :-)
      Btw, enjoyed your recent post on your ‘notoriously bad’ driving and hitting the pro track in Vegas. Good stuff

  8. Jeff · 2013/01/24 Reply

    I concur with the others… great trailer, but what about the movie?

    • Maria · 2013/01/24 Reply

      Thanks for stopping by Jeff and sadly, there won’t be a feature film or even a short of this… Bill is legally bound to someone else.

  9. thetimecrunchedtraveler · 2013/01/23 Reply

    Aww, I’m sad reading the comments. I was hoping for more Bill in the future!

    • Maria · 2013/01/23 Reply

      Thanks Justin & Ellen! Bill isn’t single but feel free to introduce me to one of your friends. *laugh*

  10. Sherry · 2013/01/22 Reply

    Saffron is really luxe! Bill sounds like good company. And what a great memory to have.

  11. Laura @Travelocafe · 2013/01/22 Reply

    … keep sharing with us, we love it… :)

  12. D.J. - The World of Deej · 2013/01/16 Reply

    Yeah…what Callie said…there must be more to this story!

    • Maria · 2013/01/16 Reply

      *laugh* *snort* You guys are ganging up on me! *hands on hips, stern look*
      Bill’s married but if you’d like to Introduce me to a single (as in not married) man…

  13. Callie · 2013/01/16 Reply

    What a deliciously lovely evening. Also, you left me hanging – was there more Bill?!? There has to be! We want more! :)

    • Maria · 2013/01/16 Reply

      Callie, like the way you think, but alas… Bill belongs to someone else. Should ask if he has a single brother *laugh*

  14. Ali · 2013/01/16 Reply

    Nice! Did you get Bill’s number? :-)

    • Maria · 2013/01/16 Reply

      Ali, murphy’s law was well at play… Bill is married.
      I’ll have to find out if he has a single brother. *naughty grin*

  15. Mark Wiens · 2013/01/15 Reply

    Awesome writing Maria, I love all your intricately detailed descriptions.

    • Maria · 2013/01/16 Reply

      Mark, Makes my day to read you enjoyed Dinner with Bill –
      now get out there on the street and show me another awesome meal!
      *big grin*

  16. Erica · 2013/01/15 Reply

    But did Bill pay for dinner?

    Did he get dessert? *cough* I kid, don’t tell me. Bill sounds AWESOME.

  17. Lisa @chickybus · 2013/01/15 Reply

    Love this! Felt like I was right there with you! Like the phrase ‘a cocoon of deep saffron’. Well done!

    • Maria · 2013/01/15 Reply

      Thanks Lisa, love it when readers can relate and it was the most amazing hue, all through the dining room – created an environment to linger in.

  18. Barbra Brady · 2013/01/14 Reply

    “Bill was beautiful.” love those words together.

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