The morning sun drags its heels, sashaying slowly like a child avoiding school and every 24 hours evening arrives just a little earlier as if anxious to claim its place in the order of things.

I immediately noticed when the cicadas arrived in May.  The cicada chorus would grow in numbers and volume as the mercury rose in the late afternoon.  I listen now, literally tilting my head this way and that.  Not a single sign of them and now when I am so very aware of their non-presence I can’t recall the day their escalating songs ceased.

It’s mid-autumn, everywhere in the northern hemisphere, but travel southward and you’d never know it.  Chlorophyll is still abundant, dragonflies have been usurped by migrating monarchs, gone is the sharp white light that illuminates colors so well – in its place a golden hue now warms the rooftops and my skin in the late afternoon.  The air is sharper and I find remarkable numbers of acorns along my pedestrian commutes.

Walking in the early autumn evening I see lights turn on, house after house, room after room, offering a glimpse into the lives of others – while they’re within my sight.  A monarch flutters past and I’m pulled from my voyeuristic game to this season more like a 2nd spring.  Just when I thought little would recover from 5 months of heat, flowers are in bloom, the grass is a deep green carpet again, trees proudly stand erect, leaves dance on the wind and my hoodie has taken up its rightful place – always within arm’s reach.


  1. 2012/12/02

    Autumn is my favorite season! Being in the tropics, it’s hard for me to enjoy any season (except summer), especially my favorite one. I miss autumn’s cool air, its changing colors, and the blowing of the wind. Now there’s the acorns, too. I’m truly envious.

    • 2012/12/02

      Sherry – You have the heart of a poet.

  2. 2012/11/06

    Autumn in great style in Italy, temperatures dropped of 10 degrees (Celsius) overnight :) Now it’s milder, but we can sense winter approaching!

    • 2012/11/06

      Angela, got room at your place for one more? I’ll be right over – here it’s warmed up again. Seems like summer has dug it’s heels in. :-/

  3. 2012/10/29

    I can really relate well to this post Maria. Two months ago I sitting in my apartment with two industrial sized fans blasting on full barely able to function in the heat. Now I’m bundling up embracing the brief fall period in Korea before winter rears its head.

    • 2012/10/29

      Don’t forget to embrace winter when it arrives. Snow is a great equalizer, makes everything pretty. I miss winter so much. *pout*
      Favor for me? After the first solid snow fall, you and Audrey will make snow angels and send me a pic.

  4. Here in Florida, we don’t really get an autumn. We get a slightly cooler summer, which then transitions to about a week of winter. The leaves don’t change…they go from green to dead. One of the downsides to living in this beautiful state…

    • 2012/10/26

      *laugh* I hear you Deej – I grew up on the east coast and have found TX only has 3 seasons (usually): Summer, Not-Quite-Summer and Almost-Summer. I’m betting most of Florida can relate to that.

  5. 2012/10/25

    Lovely post. Nature’s cycles are so interesting, indeed. The acorns shot is very creative.

    • 2012/10/26

      Thanks Cathy! Those acorns – I was waiting for the bus and noticed how they’d all fallen into the sidewalk spacer, lined up quite nicely. *grin*

  6. 2012/10/25

    You weave so well, so nicely.

    It’s freezing here in Edinburgh – just so you know 😉

    Love the acorns.

    • 2012/10/25

      Truly, we always want what we don’t have. It’s in the high 80s (30.5 c) here every afternoon – a cold front moves in tonight (predicted high Fri = 67/19.4) and my knee socks, jeans, boots, scarves are screaming to be let out.

      I love those silly acorns and so surprised that shot turned out well. Used an iPhone 3GS.

      I say you pull a sicky, sit somewhere cozy, sip something hot, eat something with dark chocolate in it and watch passersby.

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