1. 2013/03/19

    I love this idea Maria – hadn’t come across a “my 7 links” type thing before and might copy you at some point and do a post on my top 7 posts…if that makes any sense. I’ve about 1,000 blog posts now so it’s good to reflect on the good, the average and the utterly crap blog posts! Safe travels, Jonny

    • 2013/03/19

      Jonny, the My 7 Links was so much fun to participate in as well as checking out other traveler’s 7 links.
      Here’s a link to the project, http://www.tripbase.com/blog/my-7-links-the-rules/
      check it out and get it circulating again OR… YOU could start a similar project! *grin, nudge*

  2. 2011/07/27

    Glad you were able to do your 7 links post. 😉 I really enjoyed reading Underground!

    • 2011/07/27

      Laura, Choosing my favorite and the most beautiful – Ugh! it was more difficult than I anticipated, but re-reading your entry helped a lot. Thanks.

  3. 2011/07/25

    I truly enjoyed reading through your past links. I always appreciate your writing style – its different and narrative, which makes it more appealing. And, by the way, you’re right, the “Underground” gave lots of imagery, I almost felt like I was there, too. Great choices!

    • 2011/07/25

      Sherry, to read that you felt there, on the train with me is a HUGE compliment. Thanks!

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