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My 7 Links, the brain child of Tripbaseblog is a joint endeavor of bloggers from all sectors; sharing lessons learned and creating a bank of long-but-not-forgotten blog posts deserving to see the light of day and be read again.

I’ve created Accelerated Stall to log my observations/experiences in the US and abroad; non-fictional snapshots of life in literary form.  The site is a bit esoteric so I was surprised to read of my nomination – Oh!  Don’t misunderstand, I’m filled with ineffable joy to be nominated – once was the icing on the cake and the second nomination was akin to buttercream rosettes!  Muchas gracias Laura ( Go Mexico Guide ) AND Sabina ( Solo Female Traveler ).

Thanks everyone for reading – I’ve often wondered if my page view stats were the result of my mom refreshing the page. <laugh>

  1.  My most beautiful post:   Plucked by the Sleeve

Exploring Prague with my ex-pat nephew, getting to know the place, the person and realizing despite a generational difference I’d found one of my most favorite friends.running_in_prague

2. My most popular post:  How you Doing?

Besieged daily in Seattle by requests for spare change it’s easy to lose perspective on the lives of others.  It’s easy to forget to care, to briskly walk past and feign ignorance of someone’s presence, or is it?

3. My most controversial post:  00:15

The controversy of Police and public reporting, of trying to do the right thing but systems and information (or the lack thereof) push back against the citizen.  00:15 was created from such a moment when I knew what to do, but also knew from previous encounters what the experience and result would be.  Like many others it was a moment that kept me from doing much of anything.

4. My most helpful post:  It’s in the Details

I rarely post advice but here I do offer tips in Khmer table etiquette, describe a meal and the benefits and rewards of attempting to try something someone else’s way.  Tom Yum soup

5. The post whose success surprised me:   The Smallest Dog

I do like this post but with a plethora to choose from I was originally surprised at this one’s success.  Perhaps it’s based upon the human compulsion to connect with animals in a close and meaningful way via pet ownership?   Or the interaction described between the animals?  I’m still surprised. <grin>

6. The post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserves:   Maria vs. Killer-Attack Roach

This one has never had many readers.  Title?  Placement within the posts?  Its action packed, relatable to others and humorous – the makings of a short film <nudge, nudge>

7. The post I’m most proud of:  Underground

Underground is my favorite – thus far.  I like the wordsmithing, the cadence, the imagery I’ve created.  Its subject matter is highly relatable, portable, easily transcribed – never been on a subway?  Bet you’ve ridden a bus or experienced the phenomena I report in other public settings.  Even I’m transported by this piece to memories usually kept below ground.

I pass My 7 Links project forward by nominating the following bloggers:

1)      Chris at It Was Different Here

2)      Carlos at Barcelona Photoblog

3)      Shawn at Eco-Photo

4)      Ana at Rider by My Side

5)      Mark at Accidental Alien



  1. 2013/03/19

    I love this idea Maria – hadn’t come across a “my 7 links” type thing before and might copy you at some point and do a post on my top 7 posts…if that makes any sense. I’ve about 1,000 blog posts now so it’s good to reflect on the good, the average and the utterly crap blog posts! Safe travels, Jonny

    • 2013/03/19

      Jonny, the My 7 Links was so much fun to participate in as well as checking out other traveler’s 7 links.
      Here’s a link to the project,
      check it out and get it circulating again OR… YOU could start a similar project! *grin, nudge*

  2. 2011/07/27

    Glad you were able to do your 7 links post. 😉 I really enjoyed reading Underground!

    • 2011/07/27

      Laura, Choosing my favorite and the most beautiful – Ugh! it was more difficult than I anticipated, but re-reading your entry helped a lot. Thanks.

  3. 2011/07/25

    I truly enjoyed reading through your past links. I always appreciate your writing style – its different and narrative, which makes it more appealing. And, by the way, you’re right, the “Underground” gave lots of imagery, I almost felt like I was there, too. Great choices!

    • 2011/07/25

      Sherry, to read that you felt there, on the train with me is a HUGE compliment. Thanks!

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