1. 2015/01/27

    I’d hoped you had written a post on the starlings’ we have just seen ballet dancing around Brighton Pier, but weird jelly fish aren’t too bad either.

    • 2015/01/27

      I wrote about the onion domes but the jelly fish outside Regent’s Park in London really caught my attention.
      Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. 2011/06/06

    My favorite part of this post is the description of self and how you are absorbed by watching. I wish more people were so inquisitive, curious, thoughtful — enchanted by this world of wonders.

    • 2011/06/10

      Oh Mark, you’ve just given me inspiration for a new post. Thanks!

  3. Dan (Motozappa)

    Maria, Your clear expressions and descriptiveness are what launched me to London with you… now, if it were just that easy to truly be there at Regent’s Zoo, I’d take off right now to experience it first hand! Peace, Dan

  4. Dan (Motozappa)

    Maria, What a nice story and great twist of words in the English language… touched by a bit of Latin I gather as well, Casiopea. My first exposure to such would be from the dark sky above, without ever realizing that it was true to its name for the jellyfish! Your blog here made me feel as though I was kneeling beside you, aching knees and all… bravo, bravo, encore! Really, Dan

    • 2011/06/05

      Dan, it stops me in my tracks that my words transported you there, made you feel and see what I did. Thanks for telling me.

      Btw, if you want the exact location of these little guys head to the London Zoo at Regent’s Park.
      – For whatever reason they were not in the aquarium, but housed within the “bug” exhibit space.

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